The most stunning scenery in the world and the friendliest faces on the planet: Canada is exquisite from start to finish. With each season, the landscape and colours change dramatically to offer an entirely different perspective.

That’s why it’s such a great year-round destination for holidaymakers of all types. Wherever you’ve come from and whatever you’re planning to do, you’ll be made to feel completely at home in Canada. Its French heritage is still very much in evidence in areas such as Quebec.

There are large cities to explore and towering mountains to discover. Canada is a world of opportunity and has everything you could ever want in a holiday.

The summers are warm, autumns colourful and the winters bring an abundance of snow, ideal for the skiers.  It’s perfect in every way – no wonder the people are so proud of their country.

Discover Canda

A lively, colourful country full of friendly faces, incredible sights and fascinating places.

There’s always a party going on in Toronto if underground nightlife is your thing. During the day, head to the cultural quarter to wander around art galleries, record stores and coffee shops. The Toronto Islands are Canada’s answer to the Cotswolds, so be sure to do some sight-seeing there. And that’s just one city…

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