South America

Colombia is located in the north of South America, with the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean the west.  It is bordered by Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela, so a trip to Colombia could be combined with a visit to one or more of its neighbours too.

What does Colombia offer? – City, sightseeing, history, gastronomy, landscapes, adventure, wildlife, birdlife, Amazon Rainforest, coffee region, countryside, beaches.

It’s only in more recent times that Colombia has started to gain recognition  as a fantastic holiday destination. This is a country of stunning landscapes, art, culture, carnivals, national parks, stunning dive sites, a lost city and  warm people.  And arguably the best coffee in the world!

Enjoy wandering through the colourful streets of Cartagena, the colonial city on the Caribbean coast.  Discover the reborn city of Medellin, once the centre of drugs wars but, having cast off  its past, embracing its future as a thriving tourist area.  Bogota, Colombia’s vibrant capital city, is also worth a visit.  Here, you can enjoy its restaurants, museums, parks and nightlife.

Outside of the cities, don’t miss the beautiful Tayrona National Park or a  hike to Ciudad Perdida, the ‘lost city’ said to be around 650 years older than Peru’s Machu Picchu. And don’t forget to sample the amazing Colombian coffee!

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