Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C.

The capital of the country is perfect for sight-seeing and learning. If you’re a culture buff or a history nerd, Washington D.C. is the ultimate American city for you to explore.

From the impressive monuments to the stunning architecture, Washington is a whole string of jaw-dropping moments and unforgettable discoveries. The best thing about this place? There are loads of free things to do, so it can be a relatively inexpensive trip if you plan well.

During the day, there are hundreds of museums and galleries to wander around, whilst you can tuck into the fantastic food scene during the evening.

That all-important snap outside the White House awaits you, but so do local distilleries, Supreme Court public sessions, international cuisine and glorious cherry blossom. Washington D.C. truly is a gorgeous city with loads on offer for those looking to learn, laugh, live and love.

Discover Washington D.C.

The grandeur of the White House and the power of the Supreme Court, you’ll feel invigorated after your trip to this fantastic city.

There’s a whole entire history of American culture waiting to be uncovered and there’s no better place for this than Washington D.C. From the museums to the restaurants to the incredible memorials, you’ll feel like your brain is bursting with knowledge on the flight home. Prepare to be amazed…

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