Wandering along the cobbled streets and taking in the stunning scenery, Portugal is the perfect destination for families and couples alike. There’s something on offer for everyone, whether you want to go exploring or simply unwind!

Portugal’s history goes back thousands of years, from the Roman invasions to the Viking raids – all of which you’ll be able to discover for yourself. But if history’s not your cup of tea, Lisbon has plenty of beautiful parks and popular nightlife spots.

And of course, there are also the world class golf courses…

Sandy beaches, national parks, celebratory festivals: the variety of things to do in Portugal will please even the fussiest of travellers! Be sure to visit Porto for a mixture of medieval charm and modern amenities.

Finally, the beautiful island of Madeira, known as the floating garden, will take your breath away with its dramatic scenery.

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Relax with a glass of port in one hand and a custard tart in the other.

The coastline, the Azores, the surfing spots: these are just a few of the reasons to visit Portugal. But if you need one more, how about the baroque streets of Lisbon that are perfect for that Insta snap…

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